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Speaking God’s Word

I also caught myself having a very negative attitude.  I had received a medical treatment years ago that had destroyed my digestive system and the doctors would not repair it.  I had cried out to God for healing, but He didn’t appear to be listening.  I found myself giving up and adopting a very negative attitude.

Joyce shares that God started dealing with her about her negativity and how she became very careful about what she said, but still didn’t experience any positive changes in her life.  Then God told her that she couldn’t just stop saying negative things, she needed to replace them with positive things. She then compiled a list of scriptures from God’s Word that directly related to the changes she wanted to see in her life.  She began confessing God’s Word out loud and things began to change.

I’m not one for long, flowery prayers, like my Dad used to pray, that’s just not me.  My prayers are short, direct, and to the point.  I had developed a way of talking to God throughout my day when I needed something, but I didn’t have a consistent prayer life.  So when I was invited to a prayer meeting a few months back I wasn’t sure I wanted to attend, but I did.  They started by praying different scriptures.  They gave us handouts to take home so we could continue praying the Word.

I then discovered that I had Joyce Meyer’s book, The Secret Power of Speaking God’s Word, which is a book of scriptures on different subjects written in first person, as if, the person was talking directly to God.

Since then I have developed a more consistent prayer life by Praying the Word.  I find that I have a much more positive outlook on life.  I’m happier.  Over the last few years I had experienced several healing miracles in my body that I didn’t even recognize as miracles until recently.  My body is almost back to normal which is directly due to God’s healing power.

As I put scriptures up on Facebook I encourage you to say these scriptures out loud in prayer to God.

How have these scriptures helped you?

Does anyone else, out there in cyberland, Pray the Word?  Tell us about it.




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