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I’m Back. Coronavirus Couldn’t Take Me Out

Remember when all this Coronavirus mess started a year ago? The fake news would show rows of bodies in ER with Coronavirus; rows of bodies on ventilators. With all the news, fake or otherwise, you really didn’t know what to believe; the stats, the stories, or the pictures.

With the latest allegations from New York, it looks like Gov. Cuomo didn’t think we’d believe the nursing home stats either so it appears he slashed the numbers. How many more fit into that category?

I had people tell me, ‘the numbers are inflated,’ and, guess what, they were.

Friends, a family of four, waited in line for hours to be tested in our town of Knoxville, TN. They filled out paperwork and waited and waited. Nothing, so they finally left. A couple of days later they got their paperwork in the mail. Remember, they didn’t actually get tested, only filled out the paperwork.

The mom hastily opened the envelope, looked down, and dropped to a chair.

“What’s wrong her husband asked, as he walked up behind her then broke out into a belly laugh.”

Moving to a chair by her side, the laughter gradually subsided as they looked at each other. “What are we supposed to do now? These test results were to get us on the plane. They say we’re positive, but we weren’t actually tested. Who do we call? What do we do now, our plane leaves tomorrow?”

How many other cases were inflated or changed? Would they even be able to compile correct numbers? Who would actually believe the correct numbers anyway? What a mess.

My Story

Photo by cottonbro from Pexels
Photo by cottonbro from Pexels

I had never seen my husband so sick in 27 years. On Feb 19th he was walking or should I say, shuffling, around the house in four coats, freezing. We had been so careful…even as we traveled back and forth to North Carolina.

One of my doctors told me that you could go into a store, pick up a package of Mac ‘n Cheese that someone had just sneezed on, and get Coronavirus if you didn’t have a mask on. Apparently, that’s what happened. My husband went to the store, the only time, without a mask. Two nights later he’s throwing up with a high fever. The next day we both tested positive.

Two days later we reported to UT Medical to get Antibody Infusions…no big deal. My husband was already walking around like there was nothing wrong. I coughed a little except during the infusion when I started throwing up even with meds.

Time to go home…


Except for the nurses last two sentences:

It’s going to get worse before it gets better…almost like a curse.

Did you take your morning meds?

The last of which echoed through my mind every morning for the next two weeks.

I can’t even remember getting out of the car. I just remember being in bed. But I still heard the nurse’s voice echoing in my mind, “did you take your morning meds”?

I’d reach up to the headboard and take my 2-morning meds.

This went on for days, ten I think.

Only Two Little Pills

It was only two little pills and one was for East TN allergies.  No big deal.

The other one was a big deal. It was a blood thinner.  You must eat to balance it and I couldn’t eat. When I tried, the food tasted like the slime going down the back of my throat…disgusting!!

I soon began coughing up blood, peeing blood… you name it. I was so weak I could barely stand. Walking the 4 or 5 feet to the bathroom was next to impossible.

My husband decided I was going to ER. He parked the car on the lawn by the front door and rolled me from the bedroom to the car in my office chair. I was so glad they had wheelchairs at the hospital. I could not have walked in.

After running tests, everything shifted into high gear. They began pushing vitamins and plasma. As my mind cleared they told me that my blood thickness was 21.3 as opposed to 2.5, which I maintained religiously. Then I understood why I was bleeding from every little nook and cranny.  My blood was so thin I had lost a lot of it plus most of the vitamins in my body.

The job was to get my numbers back in balance. The nursing staff worked on it tirelessly pushing vitamins and plasma.

 Coronavirus Stories

Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay
Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay


As medical professionals came into my room I’d ask them about their take on the Coronavirus Pandemic. Was what we saw on the nightly news a good representation of the facts, at least for our small town?

With nurses, techs, CNAs, and others in and out of my room, I got a good average of opinions.

One of the first nurses I talked to was a traveling nurse. He had been working in ER during the first of the Coronavirus  Pandemic. He relayed that in the beginning, it was really rough, especially in New York City. They didn’t know what to give people or what they would respond to. They knew it was a virus, which does not respond to antibiotics, so what would work for people?

An x-ray tech who had been working in the hospital I was in and another hospital downtown relayed the same story. Nobody knew what to use or how people would respond. She stated that one of the most difficult things in the early days was that the Coronavirus was going into double pneumonia at a very fast rate. The only thing available was to push antibiotics for pneumonia and intubate them and hope it would work.

I talked to a lady sitting in the hall also waiting for a chest x-ray. She had been in Vanderbilt in Nashville, unconscious for 3 1/2 months, intubated.

They called her relatives to inform them they would be taking the tube out and did not expect her to make it. The family requested they wait until the next day, which they did. The family and friends began praying. The next day when they took the tube out she opened her eyes and sat up, a very unexpected turn of events for the doctors.

Coronavirus Symptoms and A Possible Cure

The symptoms are so random. One sixteen-year-old girl, whose dad was my physical therapist, called her mom, one morning because she couldn’t smell the aromatic scents in her room. She was quarantined as best they could and let her wait it out. That was the only symptom she had.

Yet, one of her friend’s dad got it and was gone in two weeks.

Everybody told me there was really no rhyme nor reason to the symptoms or what seemed to work.

Over the months, they discovered that the best thing to defeat Coronavirus was vitamin C, D, and Zinc (go figure). My husband had started taking these weeks before he got Coronavirus so it was no surprise when most of his symptoms were going in less than a week.

Me, no I didn’t follow suit. I didn’t like the way zinc made my stomach feel.  Now, I wish I could go back in time. I did end up with double pneumonia. My doctor told me, the other day, that he was sure the antibody infusion kept mine from getting much worse. Thank you, Jesus.

Possible Blood Type and Genetic Markers

I talked to another medical professional who had Coronavirus around the first of December. She is diabetic and experienced her sugar spiking even though she maintained the same protocol as before. That was possibly my husband’s worst side effect, also. He was eating, but not a lot, and his sugar would still spike to way over 200, which is unheard of for him. For both, as the symptoms subsided their sugar went back to within a normal range consistently.

She also mentioned that Coronavirus seemed to have different effects on people with different blood types. She has type O+ but a lady she works with has A-.  They both had Covid at the same time. The person with the A- blood type suffered severe irreversible nerve damage to her ears while the lady with O+ did not. She also stated that in their research they discovered that people living in an area where the majority of the people had A- blood type, many have nerve damage to their ears.

It seems like Coronavirus may have blood type and genetic markers. That begs the question, was it designed to affect certain blood types in a specific way? And yes it was designed. No, I’m not going into my opinion about who actually profited from the design and exploitation of the Coronavirus. But, we all know people got paid. I just hope they can live with it. I sure couldn’t if I was in that position.

Online Medical Assessment


We have friends who live in small a community in the North Carolina mountains. They both got Coronavirus. They were tested and sent home with no form of treatment. The husband seemed to get it much worse than the wife, yet no treatment for either.

They started researching online to see if they could find a treatment like hydroxychloroquine. The wife had taken it while living in Africa to protect against Malaria and felt confident in taking it again.

They did find a website where they could get an online consultation to get the drug. The consultation fee was $90 plus the cost of the drug.  The husband did get the drug which was very helpful in getting rid of the Coronavirus.

You have to go to their website and fill out a consultation form to receive a call from one of their doctors or medical professional (no I’m not going to give the link. If you want it you can find it.)

My husband filled out the form for me. He was basically over all the symptoms in about five days. As I’ve mentioned above, it didn’t work that way for me. My consultation form stated when I tested positive. It also showed that I was past the quarantine phase. When I got to the hospital I did not have Coronavirus.

Nevertheless, the person reviewing my consultation form stated that I could not take hydroxychloroquine because of a mild heart condition. Instead of ending the consultation, she proceeded to continue with the consultation and send prescriptions to my pharmacy and her online pharmacy for drugs totally $500, even though I couldn’t take them. I didn’t have Coronavirus any longer.

I told her I was bleeding. Her response was, to go to a doctor. Great advice!

Bad Consultation

The problem I had with the interaction was that she was recommending a treatment that would not help me. Actually, if I had taken the drugs she prescribed I could have died because I had almost no vitamins or blood in my system. The only way she would have known this was to have seen test results.

When I faced her with this situation she was adamant that it was a good consultation and I still needed to pay the consultation fee of $90 because I could get Coronavirus again.

That brought up lots of questions for me. Did she really care about me as a sick person or was her interest in the consultation fee? I can’t answer that question.

Fortunately, I did cancel all the drugs she had recommended, but I still had to pay the fee which I got absolutely nothing for. Wow!!! Do your research first!!

Dot Your “i’s” and Cross Your “t’s”

Later when I checked out the website and phone number I received that the phone number was a scam number out of Missouri.

Am I saying this is all a scam?  No!! Our friends were able to get a drug that helped them get over Coronavirus quickly where their personal doctors didn’t have anything to help them.

What I am recommending is that you check out the website and medical professionals thoroughly before handing over your credit card.

One thing I learned years ago is that, ultimately, I’m responsible for my medical care. It is my responsibility to accept, reject, or get another opinion. I did not do this years ago, which resulting in some major health problems.

Don’t accept treatment that doesn’t seem or feel right. In my case, she was giving me meds that would work against Coronavirus, but at that point, I did not have Coronavirus. She told me I could get it again. That was the end for me. I knew with no vitamins and very low blood the meds could have had an adverse effect.

It crossed my mind about exposing them as a fraud and scam, but there are many people who have benefitted from the drugs who otherwise might not have been helped. I couldn’t do it.

Do your research. Know who you are talking to, as best as possible. Make a logical, informed decision.

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