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First Encounter With God

My First Answered Prayer

My mother had been a preacher before I was born.  She had a real heart for people, especially children.  I don’t remember her teaching me when I was young, but she must have because I grew up with a real sense of God, I grew up knowing how to hear God’s voice. When I was very young I remember being able to just know that God was near and watching out for me.


The first encounter I remember, I was about 3 years old.  I had asked for a particular pair of sunglasses.  My father told me “No, I didn’t need them.” After he told me no, I remember my mother pulling me aside and telling me, “Ask Jesus for them.”

I don’t remember my prayer, but I do remember asking.  At three years old, I had no doubt that I would get my sunglasses.  A few weeks later, as we were driving the 125 miles to my Grandmothers, my father saw something shiny on the highway.  He stopped to see what it was – my pair of sunglasses.  The exact kind I had asked for and in my size.

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