Who is Larry S. Warfield?

Larry S. Warfield“Larry S. Warfield’s Modern Retro Sound is a tasteful blend of R&B and Country, simmered with a Jazz flavor. Follow his journey in creating an online fanbase. How? Entertainment + Engagement.”

As a son and grandson of Baptist ministers, Larry was heavily influenced by the music that was ever-present around him. During extended family get-togethers, music flowed freely.

You would hear the gospel greats of the time, plus the soulful sounds of Motown. The younger members of the family loved Jazz from musicians like Miles Davis and Wes Montgomery.

Being the third child out of six brought its own challenges growing up. As a shy, sensitive child who wasn’t the loudest in the bunch, he was often overshadowed by his oldest brother and sister and upstaged by his younger siblings.

His mother, being aware of her son’s backseat role in the family and his love of music, bought him a guitar. It became his most treasured possession.

Born in Kalamazoo, Michigan and raised in Boulder, Colorado, Larry S. Warfield, the little bashful BOULDER Boy, from the ’50s became a cautious KALAMAZOO Kid, in the early ’60s, with a move back to Michigan.

He passed the hours teaching himself to play the guitar by listening to a wide variety of recording artists, Pop, Soul (Motown), Rock, Gospel, and Jazz, which helped him develop his unique musical flavor.

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A Songwriter is Born

Larry wrote his first song, “BannerJee Slide”, his freshman year in college on Mackinac Island, Michigan in 1966 and soon after trying his hand at home recording.

He continued writing and playing with The Soulful Six while attending the University of Oregon in Eugene during his second year of college.

Songwriting became Larry’s passion, turning his life events into songs. But as with many people, life seemed to get in the way. Larry continued writing songs, although their home became a notebook for some future date. Every few years the notebook would work its way to the forefront. More songs were added, but few were ever finished.

What does Larry S. Warfield do?

 As you must have guessed by this time, Larry S. Warfield is a singer-songwriter with original songs to share with the world. His songs tell of his life’s journey; its pains and sorrows, its love and joy.

In some of Larry’s songs, you will hear a Country twang where others have more of a jazzy flavor. You can hear the gospel influence when Larry sings his worship songs to God who blessed him with his talent.

His out-of-the-box musical style has something for everyone. A love of music is the only requirement to become a fan.

 Why Now?

 Why not now? From time to time Larry pitched his songs to the music moguls, but life seemed to always get in the way. There were kids to raise and career to tend to, without mentioning a couple of divorces. Reaching the right person with the right song became challenging. There never seemed to be enough time, money or energy.

During this time Larry grew as an artist. He also learned about who he is and who he is not.

He learned that he had to go back to his musical roots. Music was in his blood. He began to see his songs as autobiographies revealing moments of pain and loss, and of hopes and desires, emotions listeners can relate to.

The music industry has changed. This is the perfect time for singer-songwriters and musicians to put their music out for the world to hear. Musicians no longer need music moguls. Musicians are putting their music online and they are making a good living.


The Indie Artist“Independent musicians and small boutique labels are one of the fastest-growing segments of the market, and they share a lot of concerns,” explains CD Baby’s Kevin Breuner.

In the last few years, online music stores have exploded onto the internet music scene. Consequently, companies such as CD Baby, iTunes, Bandcamp, Spotify, Soundcloud, ReverbNation are giving artists a real chance to be heard. This gives the Indie Artist a chance to make a substantial income from their music.

by Dena Warfield

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